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24: Coconut & Happy Xmas!

24 december, 2013


Happy Christmas everyone!

Thanks to all who have been following the Cupcake calendar, 2013 edition. I wish you all a lovely holiday!

Coconut cupcake (vanilla with coconut essence and coconut flakes added) with whipped cream, coconut flakes and silver sprayed edible decorations.

23: Chocolate & cherry

23 december, 2013


Merry Little Christmas Eve! Where I’m from today, the day before the big day, is the little day; lilljulafton, or little Christmas Eve. Just one more day now, and it’s obvious to anyone here in my area that we’ve got a green, rather than white and snowy Christmas to expect this year. Oh well, I’m sure there will be more than enough snow in January and February. And March and possibly April..

Little Christmas Eve’s cupcake is chocolate with sour cherries added (instead of cranberries). The frosting is this one, my favourite when it comes to chocolate frosting, although I accidentally put double the amount of cocoa in, and hence also needed less powdered sugar. A happy accident.

I found yet another tasty sounding Christmas goody. If I have the time I would love to try out these gingerbread truffles (recipe in Swedish).

22: Ginger & walnut

22 december, 2013


I’m not sure I have used fresh ginger in baking before (if I have, I have temporarily forgotten). I’ve used other forms, but fresh gives so much more flavour and taste. You have to like ginger of course, otherwise I’m sure it’s not such a treat. I paired the ginger with walnuts (both added (again) to a basic vanilla cupcake recipe), which turned out very well. The Christmas present decoration was made from sugarpaste and the white stuff is whipped cream.


Another popular sweet Christmas (modern) classic is Mozart balls, or Mozartbonbons. I know many who make their own but so far they haven’t made it into my family’s Christmas rituals, but I might try and change that. Here is a lovely sounding vegan version.

21: Speculoos / cookie butter

21 december, 2013


I read somewhere someone naming cookie butter the new Nutella. So of course I had to give it a go. All I can say is Nutella Who? What?

Cookie butter is SO lush! Don’t try it. You may not be able to stop eating from the jar.

So this vanilla cupcake has been filled with the golden butter, made using this recipe and a Swedish brand of vegan Speculoos (Annas, more know for their Ginger bread thins. For some reason they don’t have the Speculoos like cookies, called Lantkakor, on their web page). As I wanted the cookie butter flavour to come through on its own I used fairly neutral tasting whipped cream for the topping and sprinkled with Speculoos crumbs. (I’m so not donating this cupcake. This is all mine.)


Other sweet stuff for Christmas in Sweden aside from (the above and) yesterday’s knäck are different kinds of toffee. We love making homemade sweets for Christmas over here and toffee is a favourite with many. There are several vegan recipes around, but none (yet) for cherry toffee, which is what I’m making this year in an attempt to use up some of the many (many) cherries we have in our freezer from this summer.

20: Lemon & poppy seeds

20 december, 2013


Both bottom and frosting of today’s cupcake have been flavoured with lemon and poppy seeds (although you can hardly tell with the frosting). Lemon is such a lovely flavour to work with as it makes the whole kitchen smell gorgeous. Not necessarily Christmassy, but you need a break from the Christmas flavours every now and then, don’t you (at least I do, not because I’m tired of them, but so I won’t get tired of them).


In my series of vegan Swedish Christmas foods I have finally reached my favourite part: the sweet stuff! One of the most traditional/typical ones in Sweden is knäck. Here is one vegan recipe for classic knäck. I usually prefer it without almonds, but this year I’m making it with, and with orange peel.

19: Glögg & stars

19 december, 2013


Today’s cupcake is a version of the Advent cupcake with glögg – sweet mulled wine – and with added peacans. It’s topped with whipped cream and sprinkled with edible glitter (hardly visible on the photo) and sugarpaste stars.

The dessert for the Swedish Christmas meal is rice pudding, or a cold version of it with lots of cream. My sister and I have never been big fans but there is a nice tradition tied to it so the dessert keeps reappearing year after year: the cook hides two scalded almonds in the pudding, and the people who find them get an extra Christmas present, usually something sweet. Since descovering raw food 5 or 6 years ago we found the perfect solution to our dessert problem in a raw version (recipes in Swedish).

18: Cloudberries & lingonberries (& candy apple)

18 december, 2013


Today´s bauble inspired cupcake is lingonberry and cloudberry flavoured, and topped with whipped cream and a candy apple. I put lingonberries in a vanilla batter and later filled the baked cupcake with cloudberry jam mixed with a little whipped cream. I made the candy apple the same way I did last time, but used really small apples.

As for drinks to accompany Swedish Christmas food I’ve already mentioned julmust. Christmas beer and wine are other options, and of course as with all important holidays in Sweden there will be snaps. Not the sweet peachy or raspberry kinds, but not so easily drunk rough stuff. You can buy plenty of classic and newer stuff, but you can also make your own version by flavouring vodka or brännvin. It’s fun and can be made to look quite artistic. This year I might try making snaps with clementines and cinnamon or fresh figs.


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